Chosen In Christ
Chosen In Christ A review of Adam’s fall and Jesus’ priesthood. While we live paradoxically between two natures, choosing dependency upon God by faith, our sins are covered in the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice and we are blameless before God. St. Paul’s recounting his external qualifications that should have made him right with God. Now he counts it as a loss compared to the reality of knowing Christ. This choice for us is to accept this same substitution for our life by choosing the life of Jesus Christ. Based on the story of Gideon from Judges 8:22 which depicts the message of putting on the ‘garment’ of God as one complete in Jesus, not the ‘Ephod of Gideon’ which is exaltation of who we think we have become, ‘much used of the Lord’ yet not giving our every thought word and deed to our Savior. We find our being in another person, Jesus Christ. The exchanged life whereby my life is given up to gain the life of God. Our boast is in our need as God progressively exposes us to our lack





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